New MyLock stations in Marbella!

Last month we installed two MyLock smart locker stations in a Marbella coworking space. The system has touch screens for the user to interact with the station and identify himself by scanning RFID keyfobs.

In addition, thanks to our Remote Management Portal, coworking leaders can:

  • see in real time the use that the cabinets are having,
  • extract usage statistics
  • if necessary, support users who may have lost their identifier.
  • monetize the service for uses, monthly payments, or expiration,
  • management of users and their permissions

The conventional lockers with key that we used to see in gyms or train stations are being updated to make way for intelligent solutions that integrate hardware and software for the benefit of the end user and also for the owner of the space.

MyLock offers customized solutions for the new mobility and adapts to any need or use case. Contact us to tell us about your case or to obtain more information about MyLock smart lockers.

Barcelona wants fewer delivery vans and more parcel collection points.

This news from TV3 points out that “the objective is to avoid the constant coming and going of these vehicles, which represent a quarter of private mobility and emit a third of the particles and some polluting gases”

At MyLock we have the know-how and technology to establish pick-up-points and solve all the problems derived from failed home deliveries.

Contact us for more information!

This is how the bike lane network and cycle streets in Barcelona’s Eixample will evolve from this year until 2023.

We hope to complete the map with MyLock parking stations and have a practical infrastructure for scooter and bike users.

(Bad) parking, among the main causes of fines in users of electric scooters.

If in your day to day you miss a practical and safe system to park your scooter or bike, encourage your company, gym, shopping center, university … to contact MyLock and we will study your case.

MyLock, smart solutions for the new mobility.

Despite the fact that the different municipalities, in collaboration with the Government and the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), have carried out in recent years a regulation to control the use of VMP in cities, in the rush to move forward a clear text and considering its behavior, some aspects were not fully regulated.

The new traffic law that is pending approval includes these aspects and defines the regulations and their possible sanctions.

The Center For London, which conducts research and organizes events aimed at developing new solutions to the critical challenges of the British capital, has just published an article regarding the growing use of micromobility in London. The report notes that new ways of getting around have the potential to generate a variety of benefits, including improving the city’s carbon footprint, air quality, the level of congestion in the city and the capacity of Londoners. to move in an economical, easy and pleasant way.

It is not just the where; the how is also important. We refer to the keys to park (well) an electric scooter in large cities as this is the main offense among users of this type of personal mobility.

Malaga City Council toughens its action against badly parked e-scooters.
Smart parkings could be the solution for sharing companies to settle without causing a nuisance in public spaces.

There is consensus that electric micromobility will be the future in European cities.

The new MyLock e-scooter parkings are here!

  • With electronic anchor points.
  • Own software connected to the cloud.
  • Remote management of the use and status of car parks.
  • User identification through QR/RFID/PIN/App.
  • Modular and expandable stations
  • Suitable for all types of scooters.

Mylock is among the most revolutionary startups in the mobility sector.

Startups dedicated to logistics and transport are committed to launching innovative projects in the market with which to transform the business model of the sector: SaaS, last mile transport or intelligent parking systems, are just a few examples of a growing market.

The City Council has today unanimously approved to amend the current traffic ordinance.

The City Council tightens regulations and goes beyond what is required by state regulations, as a result of accidents caused by personal mobility vehicles.

Will registration plate for electric scooters be mandatory in 2021? Everything seems to point to no, although the DGT is already developing the new Royal Decree.

Transfers using personal mobility vehicles quadrupled between 2017 and 2019 but only account for 0.4% of total commutes.

Barcelona City Council, which in 2017 was a pioneer in regulating the circulation of electric scooters, is studying the possibility of modifying the Ordinance on the Movement of Pedestrians and Vehicles to force scooters and other Personal Mobility Vehicles (PMV) to be insured and drivers to wear helmets, as permitted by recent state regulation, in 2022.

One of the most important news that will arrive in the coming months will be the imposition of a standard minimum age throughout Spain for the use of electric scooters.

The Government pronounces on the use of electric scooters at the national level through a reform of the Traffic Law, with measures that force them, among other things, to stop circulating on pedestrian sidewalks.

The regulations for electric scooters are being updated little by little:

The Treasury declares the electric scooter as a work tool: discover what benefits it entails.

El Periódico has dedicated an article to us! We explain how we came up with the idea, how we started to devise the first steps, how we have taken advantage of the time of confinement due to Covid19 and the article ends our vision to continue growing.

You can read it in the following link:

This article details the financial aid and subsidies from some autonomous communities in order to promote the purchase of micro-mobility vehicles:

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