How does it work?

The touch screen of the myLock station controls all the lockers in the scooter parking (up to 160) and is used to deposit and collect belongings from the lockers (scooter, helmet, backpack, laptop…).

We offer various identification systems for opening the lockers:

  • Enter a PIN code: if you want an available locker, enter a new PIN code (remember it!). The locker will open and you will be able to store your items. To collect, you only have to re-enter the same PIN code.
  • QR code scanning: by showing a valid QR code the system will automatically open an available locker. The same QR is used for collection. This simple!
  • RFID Card or Wristband Scan: This case is specially designed for offices or gyms. Scan the business card used to check-in and out at work and an available locker will open. To collect your belongings, re-scan your card.
  • Using our App: Sign up in our App and request minute-packages. From your private portal you can also book lockers before leaving home.