What is myLock?

myLock wants to solve your storage problems when you travel around the city but you have no guarantee that your destination will have a space to store your things with the comfort and security you need to continue living your life.

myLock is a wide network of smart lockers where you can store personal items such as electric scooters, folding bikes, laptops, helmets…

Through cloud-connected software, myLock provides you with a secure, private space to store your belongings while you go to the movies, shopping, on the beach…

Usage cases

  • To store electric scooters: Have you ever stopped using the scooter because when you arrived at your destination you could not park it?
  • Offices: where employees access the facilities by scooters, the lockers allow to store folding vehicles while loading their baterry, and thus avoid inconvenience to other users, collapses in elevators, bumps, ruts and scratches on the walls.
  • Shopping Malls: so that shopping mall employees and customers who frequent the facility with their scooters can store it while they work or are shopping.
  • Gyms and sports centers: myLock offers an alternative to clutter and chaos that can cause several scooters to be poorly parked at the entrance or in the changing-rooms of these locations.
  • Universities and Libraries: more and more thefts of electric scooters are being reported in Spanish universities. Therefore, providing a safe option for students will be key to prevent escalating such incidents.
  • Hospitals: visitors and employees accessing the bulding by scooter or bike will be able to park it in the myLock lockers and thus respect the hygiene and the use of the sanitary spaces.
  • To facilitate hot-desking in offices and coworkings: nowadays, due to covid19, many companies and coworkings are practicing hot-desking dynamics to make better use of the space: this means that there are no fixed locations for each worker and that therefore so each table must end the day empty. However, we all have our personal items that we live with every day at work: a cup, headphones, a notebook, a mobile charger … Leaving all these items in order in a myLock locker can be a solution to the mess that derives from hot-desking.
  • To store motorcycle helmets in sports facilities: In football and basketball stadiums it is prohibited to enter with motorcycle helmets for obvious reasons. Installing myLock lockers to ensure they are safely secured during the show would be a safe solution for many motorcycle users.
  • To enable pick-up points: more and more shops and supermarkets are inclined to create autonomous ticket offices where users can pick up their purchases and deliveries. Users agree to collect their orders by scanning a QR code they have received in their email.

How does it work?

The touch screen of the myLock station controls all the lockers in the scooter parking (up to 160) and is used to deposit and collect belongings from the lockers (scooter, helmet, backpack, laptop…).

We offer various identification systems for opening the lockers:

  • Enter a PIN code: if you want an available locker, enter a new PIN code (remember it!). The locker will open and you will be able to store your items. To collect, you only have to re-enter the same PIN code.
  • QR code scanning: by showing a valid QR code the system will automatically open an available locker. The same QR is used for collection. This simple!
  • RFID Card or Wristband Scan: This case is specially designed for offices or gyms. Scan the business card used to check-in and out at work and an available locker will open. To collect your belongings, re-scan your card.
  • Using our App: Sign up in our App and request minute-packages. From your private portal you can also book lockers before leaving home.

Where are we?

You can find our first myLock e-scooter parking stations here:

And soon we’re gonna expand to many more locations!


Do you want your company to install myLock parking lots for electric scooters to be able to park and recharge your scooter’s battery every day at work?

Do managers at your coworking don’t like you to park your e-scooter next to your desk? Suggest them to install a myLock parking station!

Do your company’s hot-desking initiatives mean that you have to carry objects from one place to another every day? MyLock offers lockers where you can store your cup, headphones, notebook … which could keep your work environment organized and safe.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about our project or if you have questions or problems during your use of myLock.

We can customize the software and the design of the lockers to adapt it to the needs of each client!